David H. Péronard
Tel. (+45) 61306410


Creative concepts

Collective enjoyment with interactive installations in social housing neighborhoods.

Connecting neighborhoods for empowerment and self-respect

Immersive standards solutions making interactive installations available for all.

Visual, interactive encouragement for movement in public spaces.


I use participatory design principles and include users from the early stages.

I conduct ethnographic user research and workshops.

I work in iterations, and produce descriptions, illustrations and prototypes every step of the way, and deliver engaging interactive concepts and digital experiences.

Call me for a helping hand and a fresh perspective for your creative, interactive assignments.


Scribo. Innovative e-learning product for students working on academic papers.

 Screenshot, www.scribod.dk


Business Behavior - The International Guide. Mobile app offering more than 40 country-specific business behavior guides for the international business traveler.

  Skærmbillede 2015-05-27 kl. 10.41.30    

Creative social empowerment. Interactive projection offering a creative outlet and an empowering social gathering point for public housing communities.

Ghettogether - Lundtoftegade    

More stuff on Behance. Feel free to go check it out.