I am a Greenlandic/Danish visual artist, designer and digital professional, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I create graphic and animated artworks, do live visuals and paint murals.
I am also co-founder of the collaborative art project, SIIKU.

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Installation art

As an installation artist, I work to realize the beautiful visions of my clients, or my own.

It’s a pleasure to get physical with a simple idea or an elaborate vision, and turn it into something real and actually existing in the physical world – especially for someone like myself, firmly rooted in the digital world.

KlubRÅ, Roskilde Festival 2018:
A 75 m2 (800  sq. ft) scaffolding structure decorated with literally a thousand pieces of plastic greenery.

Live Visuals

As a VJ, I mix and manipulate animations of my own creation to match event type and musical performer.

I like to work directly with the performing artist or event organizer to get a feel of the project, and align expectations and graphic direction. I then create the visual style and make custom animations for each artist.

Let’s Party Like You Give A Fuck – Pat Harris For Senate Fundraising event, The Globe Theatre, Los Angeles, 2017


In 2017, Rasmus Nielsen and I founded SIIKU, an organic, artistic collaboration on a mission to create solidarity in a world dominated by climate crisis and growing inequality.

As dedicated dreamers, we create artworks that combine and unite contrasting materials, mixing organic matter with “new nature” excess products and advanced technologies.

SIIKU was launched in August 2018 with a debut exhibition in Copenhagen.